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Manager – Anna Sheridan

Coordinator of Volunteers & Service Coordinator – Maria Aglieco

Social Support Group Program Coordinator – Carla Giglio

Day Care Assistants – Sally Feo, Cristina Cardella

Aged Care Service Coordinator – Antonietta Cardinale

Age Care Support – Tina Zollo

Administration and Finance Officer – Norma Panella

Patron of the Coordinating Italian Committee Incorporated - Angelo Fantasia

This is a new honorary position in recognition of Angelo’s years of leadership and support of our organisation. Sadly our inaugural Patron and dear friend Angelo passed away in 2022. Vale!


Board Members

Executive Committee

President – Silvio Iadarola

Vice President – Patricia Bergamin

Treasurer – Gildo Marveggio

Public Officer – Pat Corbo

Secretary – Vini Ciccarello

Committee Members

Amalia Addabbo

Cosimo Cirocco

Domenico D’Ambrosio

Tony Lagozzino

Ada Scalzi

And of course we all could not function without the help of our wonderful team of dedicated Volunteers!

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