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About Us

                     Who We Are

The Co-ordinating Italian Committee Inc​. (C.I.C.) dates back to the early 1970s where in a small room on Torrens Rd it came into existence. This was the first attempt to find solutions to the problems, needs and aspirations of the local Italian community.

Since then, C.I.C. has grown in its personnel and expertise and has developed its capacity to respond to community needs. Incorporated in 1976, C.I.C. has addressed many different needs and is now an organization mainly focused- within the aged care landscape- on providing aged care services.

                      Our Vision

Provide a first port of call for people who require information in order to make sound decisions about their life and their future or who require assistance to access available services and resources.

                      Our Values

CIC will be guided by the following core values:

 -    Moral Integrity 

 -    High quality and professional service provision

 -    Holistic approach to individual health and                       wellbeing

 -    Promoting independence and self determination

 -    Commitment to continuous improvement

 -    Recognition of people’s right to have their values          and goals respected and supported



President – Mr. Silvio Iadarola

Vice President - Ms. Patricia Ferraro- Bergamin

Treasurer - Mr. Gildo Marveggio

Public Officer - Mr. Pasquale Corbo

Secretary - Ms. Vini Ciccarello



Amalia Addabbo

Cosimo Cirocco

Domenico D’Ambrosio

Tony Lagozzino

Ada Scalzi



Manager – Anna Sheridan

Volunteer & Services Coordinator – Maria Aglieco

Day care Program Coordinator – Carla Giglio

Day Care Assistants – Sally Feo, Cristina Cardella

Aged Care Services Coordinators – Antonietta Cardinale, Mina Porcaro

Age Care Support – Tina Zollo

Administration & Finance Officer – Norma Panella

Administration Officer (Mon -Tue) – Immacolata Conte

We all could not function as well or as effectively without the help of our wonderful team of dedicated Volunteers!

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